Corso San Gottardo

The property consists of a portion of a building for commercial use and a garage, located in Corso San Gottardo, in the Navigli area.

The portion owned by the company has two floors above ground and an overlying driveway roof.

The building, which has a residential part with independent access at the top, has continuous glazed fronts on the ground floor, a plastered section on the first floor where the signs of the brands present are affixed and a further windowed floor with prefabricated panels on the top floor, where the residences are located. At the corner of Corso San Gottardo and Via Gentilino there is a glass and metal structure to cover and protect the panoramic lift shaft serving the OVS store.

The ground floor is accessible through a single entrance located along Corso S. Gottardo, while along Via Gentilino there is only an emergency exit and the entrance dedicated to the staff. Along the axis of via Gentilino there is the access ramp to the car park placed on the roof (property share), where there are 38 parking spaces dedicated to customers and the square for loading and unloading of goods of the store.

The storage rooms and staff offices are located on the first floor, accessible by an internal connecting staircase and a freight elevator. On the ground floor, in a lateral position with respect to the entrance, there is also an escalator connecting to the upper floor.

  • Indirizzo:

    Corso San Gottardo 29/31 - Milano

  • Destinazione d’uso:


  • Superficie:

    Commerciale: 2.523 mq
    Lorda: 4.234 mq

  • Conduttore:
    OVS S.p.A.


Certificate n. BIU00008924-1.0

    Near the Navigli

    The property is located in the municipality of Milan, in a semi-central position, in the southern quadrant of the city (zone 5) just 2.5 km from Piazza del Duomo, and a few minutes from Naviglio Grande and Naviglio Pavese which runs parallel to the Corso.

    Corso San Gottardo has been one of the most important historical axes of the city since the early nineteenth century, when the outer areas closest to the walls formed an autonomous municipality in a ring around the ramparts until 1873 (the year in which they were aggregated into the municipality of Milan). The Corso is also an important link between the heart of Milan, Piazza Duomo, and the suburbs; it extends northwards, becoming Corso di Porta Ticinese and Via Torino, while to the south it extends beyond the ring of ring roads, becoming Via Giuseppe Meda.

    The urban surroundings present an almost uninterrupted succession of commercial fronts, catering activities and, to a lesser extent, service activities, housed on the ground and first floors of the buildings. The area is equipped with primary services (chemists, banks, shops, etc.) and although it has little in the way of free public parking, paid parking is available.

    The area is located near the Tortona district, an original industrial area on the outskirts of Milan which in recent years has undergone a major conversion into a creative district dedicated to fashion and design. It is also just a few metres from the Quay, which has also recently been redeveloped and reclaimed.


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