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Via Spadari Milano

The real estate assets, worth 132,05 million euros (2023), are divided into 6 assets, located in provincial capitals (Rome, Milan, Bari), of which 3 are for commercial use and 3 for office.

As a result of a value retention strategy, the Next Re portfolio is predominantly in excellent repair or being upgraded.

The current development plan foresees, through capital increases, an increase in investments, mainly in the acquisition of hotels and office complexes in major Italian cities.


The choice of tenants is a key element for Next Re SIIQ.

Thanks to a targeted strategy based on value, the company has created consolidated relationships with important institutional subjects: in Rome the Canadian Embassy and the Guardia di Finanza (financial police force), while in Bari the Ministry of Justice. On the private side Next Re SIIQ can count on the presence of operators of international importance such as OVS and Zara.

Operazioni concluse

Via Spadari Milano

Via Vittor Pisani

Sold in 2018 for € 32,000,000 to DWS Group

It is located in the area between the Central Station and the Repubblica stop, in the heart of one of the most important arteries of the Lombard capital thanks to the presence of offices, flourishing commercial activities and historical skyscrapers of Milan (Torre Breda and Grattacielo Pirelli).

Not far away are the Torre Galfa, designed by architect Melchiorre Bega, the Gandolfi City Hall Skyscraper and more recent buildings such as the new Palazzo Lombardia.

Sold in 2022 for €7,400,000 to AHC International Consulting AG group

The hotel was born as "Motel Agip", a concept created in the 1950s by Enrico Mattei.

In 1992 it became part of the "Forte Agip" chain and in the following years it hosted some international and local brands including Holiday Inn and SHG Hotel.


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