Via Cuneo / Via Marghera

The asset is a whole commercial building, located in a semi-central area, which is spread over seven floors, five above ground and two below.

Along the axis of Via Marghera, the property is developed only on two levels above ground and has the following characteristics:

  • fully glazed ground floor (except for emergency exits);
  • second floor in light coloured masonry and windows in the high section;
  • second floor/roofing bordered by a grey brick wall.

The elevation on Via Cuneo, on the other hand, is developed on five levels above ground, glazed and light-coloured. There is also a second customer entrance on this side.

The first basement floor, ground floor and first floor are used for sales. The storage rooms are located on different floors and occupy the second basement, and floors two through four.

Vertical connections open to the public are provided by a wooden staircase centrally located in the store, an escalator and a lift located on the south side of the building. 

  • Indirizzo:
    Via Cuneo, 2
    Via Marghera, 5 - Milano
  • Destinazione d’uso:


  • Superficie:

    Netta interna: 4.380 mq
    Lorda interna: 5.200 mq

  • Conduttore:
    OVS S.p.A.


Certificate n. BIU00008922-1.0


    The property is located in a semi-central area in the Municipality of Milan, in the western quadrant of the city just 3 km from Piazza del Duomo, along the axis of Via Marghera (main front) and Via Cuneo (back of the building).

    The property is located not far from the Sempione park and from the historic district of the former Milan trade fair, now subject to a major redevelopment project called “City Life”. The area, which is mainly used for commercial, residential and tertiary purposes, is sufficiently equipped with primary services (chemists, banks, shops, etc.), and has few free public parking spaces, but there are parking places available for a fee.

    The axis of via Cuneo/via Marghera is configured as a natural continuation of Corso Vercelli, one of the most important commercial axes of the city since the early nineteenth century. The outer areas closest to the walls, such as the area under consideration here, formed an autonomous ring-shaped municipality around the ramparts until 1873, when they were incorporated into the municipality of Milan. The urban surroundings present an almost uninterrupted succession of commercial fronts, with a prevalence in the immediate neighbourhood of catering activities, particularly along the axes of Via Carlo Ravizza and Via Raffaello Sanzio.


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