Via Saverio Dioguardi

The building consists of a complete building, arranged over 13 floors above ground and two underground, for service-directional use.
Since 2019, it has hosted the Court of Bari - criminal chambers, and the Public Prosecutor's Office.

The building stands on an area measuring approximately 3,000 square metres and is isolated from the surrounding buildings. The large basement is used for archives, storage, garage and facilities to serve the building. The ground floor to the third floor house the courtrooms, while the remaining floors are units for office use. The installations and technical rooms are on the roof. The building structure consists of an independent skeleton composed of pillars, partitions, beams and floors in reinforced concrete, with a practicable flat roof and the infill in prefabricated panels with a painted plaster finish.

The vertical connectivity is composed of four elevators grouped in a single block located in the centre of the plan and two stairwells, functioning mostly as emergency exits, located on the sides. 

  • Indirizzo:

    Via Saverio Dioguardi, 1 - Bari

  • Destinazione d’uso:
  • Superficie:

    Commerciale: 10.650 mq
    Lorda: 15.410 mq

  • Conduttore:
    Ministero della Giustizia


Certificate: BIU00008925-1.0

    Poggiofranco district

    The property is located in Bari, in the Poggiofranco district. The area is mainly used for residential purposes and is located about 3 km from the city centre, easily accessible by both public and private transport.

    The Poggiofranco district was created immediately after the great expansion of Bari began in the 1920s and consists mainly of modern buildings. The most important impulse of the district came in the 1990s on the occasion of the world football event. To mark the occasion, large hotels belonging to international chains, neighbourhood services, green areas and public spaces as well as residences of a good constructional level were built. 

    There are a number of large buildings used for offices, hotels, banks, church and religious buildings, universities and student colleges. The area is also well equipped with primary services (chemists, banks, shops, etc.) and is equipped with both free and paid parking.

    The 2019 redevelopment

    In 2019, the property underwent a major redevelopment and enhancement to adapt the existing structure to the tenant 's needs from a functional and safety perspective.

    During the intervention, the following were carried out:

    • the requalification of the office portions, with the addition of a new external staircase with annexed lifts, which from the ground floor allows to reach up to the fifth floor;
    • the construction of new offices and courtrooms from the first to the third floor (where the technological areas that housed Telecom's data processing centre were previously located);
    • the enlargement of the pilotis space on the ground floor for the creation of new rooms to be used as entrances, offices and courtrooms;
    • the construction of two new spaces, mainly for archives, but also including rooms for access and safe custody of prisoners, in the basement.

    History of the building

    Famous designers

    The building was designed in 1987 and is part of a building complex developed to house the Telecom Italia headquarters.

    The project - the graphics of which were particularly innovative for the time - was drawn up for the architectural part by architect Beniamino Cirillo and engineer Corrado Sorino, while the structural part was signed by engineers Mario Desideri, a colleague of Pier Luigi Nervi, and Antonio Michetti.

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