For an ethical and sustainable development

Initiatives, procedures and information on actions taken by Next Re SIIQ with respect to environmental, social and governance criteria.

Sustainability disclosure pursuant to European Regulation No. 2019/2088

In compliance with regulation no. 2019/2088 (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation - SFDR), NEXT RE SIIQ S.p.a. publishes the information requested below.

Information about policies on integrating sustainability risks into investment decision-making processes

Information pursuant to art. 3 - Reg. UE 2088/2019

  1. NEXT RE SIIQ S.p.A. recognizes that the transition to a low-carbon, more sustainable and resource-efficient and circular economy, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, represents a fundamental step to ensure the long-term competitiveness of the European Union and global economy. Therefore, NEXT RE SIIQ S.p.A. attaches particular importance to "ESG" factors -environmental, social and governance- adopting the principles of responsibility and the essential aspects of those factors in the performance of its activities.

  2. NEXT RE SIIQ S.p.A. adopts a gradual approach in fulfilling the provisions envisaged and considers the reference of the regulatory framework. NEXT RE SIIQ S.p.A., therefore, undertakes to update its information.   

  3. NEXT RE SIIQ S.p.A. has started a process of adaptation of its operational and organizational structure that aims to introduce principles and criteria able to monitor the ESG risks into its operational management and investment processes.

No consideration of key negative effects on sustainability factors

Information pursuant to art. 4 - Reg. UE 2088/2019

  1. NEXT RE SIIQ S.p.A. adopts an "explain" approach to the consideration of the principal adverse impacts of its investment decisions on ESG sustainability factors.

  2. The "Principal adverse impacts" are the negative impacts that the investments decisions may have on the environment, on the territory, on the social context, on people, on the quality of life, and concerning respect for human rights and related to the fight against corruption.

  3. NEXT RE SIIQ S.p.A. undertakes to continuously update its information in accordance with subsequent versions of the RTS and following the progress of the regulatory framework. " In accordance with paragraph 1, letter b) of art. 4 of EU Regulation 2019/2088, in consideration of the size, nature and extent of its activities, also with reference to the indicators shown in the tables in Annex 1 of the "Final Report on draft Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS)" drawn up by the Joint Committee of European Supervisory Authority (ESA) and not yet adopted in the European Union, NEXT RE SIIQ SpA is not currently able to consider the adverse impacts of its investment decisions on sustainability factors.

  4. NEXT RE SIIQ S.p.A. has launched a process aimed at the progressive inclusion of the assessment of principal adverse impact of investment decisions regarding sustainability factors within its processes, with the aim of gradual integration and following the timing identified by the action plan. NEXT RE SIIQ SpA will consider a preliminary list of sustainability factors in the evaluation of the principal adverse impact and the main measurement methods and monitoring actions required by the RTS.

  5. NEXT RE SIIQ S.p.A. undertakes to continuously update its information in accordance with subsequent versions of the RTS and following the progress of the regulatory framework. "
Remuneration policies

Information according to art. 5 - Reg. UE 2088/2019

  1. NEXT RE SIIQ's remuneration policies are a fundamental tool in support of medium and long-term strategies and aim to create value over time and sustainable growth for shareholders, employees, and investors; they promote healthy and effective risk management activity and discourage the assumption of risks inconsistent with the risk profiles and with the law of reference.

  2. NEXT RE SIIQ S.p.A. started a process of integration of ESG factors in its remuneration policy, through the adoption of an incentive and remuneration system linked to sustainability objectives. NOVA SIIQ SpA is gradually introducing in its organization a performance assessment system linked to the achievement of sustainable investment objectives, following the EU regulation 2019/2088 and best practices regarding the integration of objectives related to ESG issues in the remuneration and incentive policy.


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