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Founded in Milan in 1977 and currently based in Rome, Next Re SIIQ S.p.A. is a listed real estate investment company (“SIIQ”).


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Reference shareholder

Since 2020, the company has been controlled by CPI Property Group, a major international group with headquarters in Luxembourg and shares listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. With over 10 billion euros in assets, it is one of the leading real estate players in Berlin and the Czech Republic.

The story in points



Nova Re S.p.A. was established on 17 November 1977, with its registered office in Milan. It operates in the fields of real estate development.

Entry of Sorgente Sgr

The Tintoretto Fund, managed by Sorgente Sgr, acquires the majority stake in Nova Re (80.29%) held by Aedes SIIQ and launches the takeover bid. 2017

Capital increase (€ 69.5 mln)

First capital increase completed, including: - € 47.5 mln through the contribution by Sorgente Group of a real estate portfolio (GAV of € 128 mln) - € 22 mln in cash 2019

New business plan

Approval of the 2020-2024 Business Plan, which envisages significant growth in size achieved through two capital increases, the rationalisation of certain cost items and the optimisation of the financial structure.

Capital increase (€ 26.0 mln)

CPI Property Group completes a second capital increase including approximately € 26 mln in cash to acquire 50% plus one share of Nova Re's share capital and launches the takeover bid.

Top management

Stefano Cervone

Chief Executive Officer and General Manager

With a background in economics and lengthy experience with BNL (Banca Nazionale del Lavoro), he has been working in real estate finance for over thirty years. Expert in corporate governance in regulated environments, structuring of complex deals, strategic-financial planning and control, a staunch supporter of sustainability as an essential lever for generating business value.

Some of his most important experiences include managing the corporate start-up and business development of Sorgente up to 2015, where he’s overseen relevant deals in Italy and abroad, including acquisitions in the United States (such as the Chrysler Building and Flatiron in New York), in Great Britain (Queensberry House in Mayfair, London), France and Switzerland.

 Since 2017 he’s been NEXT RE SIIQ’s Chief Executive Officer, where he has led the execution of two capital increase, bringing the Reit into the Czech group CPI PG, a major European player with real estate assets under management in excess of €/Bln 20, as a consequence of their recent acquisition of the Austrian Immofinanz.

Co-author of "Manual of Real Estate" (Egea), "Specialized contribution real estate funds" (Egea), "The impact on banks' balance sheets of the new IFRS" (Bancaria Editrice).

Claudio Carserà

Head of Real Estate

Having graduated in Management Engineering, after an initial experience of about 5 years with KPMG Advisory, he held management positions in the Real Estate sector where he has been working continuously for over 15 years.

He worked with the Sorgente Group from 2006 to 2020, holding various senior positions within the companies of the Group (Director of the Real Estate Area of the parent company Sorgente Group S.p.A., Deputy Chairman of the real estate services company Sorgente REM S.p.A., Chief Executive Officer of one of the two Asset Management Companies of the Group - Quorum SGR S.p.A., Head of Real Estate of Società Anonima Italiana Terreni e Sviluppo). During his work experience he has directly overseen the investment, management, optimisation and divestment of real estate assets, in Italy and abroad, of a real estate portfolio numbering more than 200 properties for a value of more than 2 billion euros. He has been involved in over 100 real estate transactions, including those involving the Galleria Alberto Sordi in Rome, the Rinascenti in Rome and Monza, the property in Piazza Cordusio, Milan, the property in London Queensberry House, and Hotel Oriente and Grande Albergo delle Nazioni in Bari. A Board Member from 2017 to 2020 and Head of Real Estate from 2018 to date in NEXT RE SIIQ S.p.A., he now manages the real estate portfolio consisting of assets of different types and with a total value of approximately 120 million euros.

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